Cooking Class – Ancient Edition! Fruit salad.

What will you need:

-Two cups of yogurt

-1/4 cup hazelnuts

-1/4 cup walnuts

-3 dried figs

-3 prunes

-Pomegranate seeds




**Warning : If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients replace it with another that is safe for you.

Fruit salad with yogurt, nuts and honey

Fruits, nuts, honey and yogurt, a magical combination! Delicious and healthy, this combination will boost your energy and give wings to your feet so you can play all day! This snack was also eaten by the children of ancient Athens so many thousands of years ago! Use these ingredients, make this tasty recipe and show all the acropolismuseum kids your cooking talents by uploading a photo of your creation to our Gallery.


What’s your favorite sweet snack when you’ve been playing hard and are tired but want to keep on going? Chocolate, cookies or maybe some ice cream? Well, none of that was around in ancient Athens, but the kids back then did love their sesame seed and nut bars, honey pies with nuts and pancakes.

Anything with honey was tempting! You see, there was no sugar then, and honey in addition to being sweet and tasty, was also thought to be very beneficial for the health even then!  If it was combined with fruits or nuts, all the better! Nuts and fruits, cooked or raw were always present in the daily meal. Raisins and figs especially, were not only delicious but also considered so nutritious that they were always included in the diet of athletes and soldiers.

It was one special fruit though, red with a small crown for a stalk that stood out from the others! Do you have any ideas what that might be? But of course! Τhe pomegranate!  Full of those juicy little red seeds, was a symbol of good luck and abundance. It’s no coincidence that in ancient times it was considered an ideal gift for the goddess Athena.

Feeling hungry now? How about an ‘ancient’ fruit salad with all the above super ingredients and ‘oxygala’?  What is this ‘oxygala’?  Well it is what we know today as yogurt, but sourer and not so thick.

So, don’t waste any time. Let’s start cooking!

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Place the yogurt in a bowl.


Add raisins and small pieces of dried figs and plums.


Now add the nuts and mix the ingredients well.


Complete the recipe by placing the honey and the pomegranate seeds on top of your fruit salad.


Your ancient Greek fruit salad is ready!


For more flavor, you can also add a hint of cinnamon if you like!