European Heritage Days 2022 (24-25/9)

In the ancient Greeks houses … life without TV and internet! Have you ever wondered what ancient neighborhoods looked like? How did streets, houses, rooms and courtyards look? How did people cook without electricity? How did they preserve their food without a refrigerator? It must have been somewhat challenging to spend their free time without internet or even TV. Or not? Where and with what did children play? Were their lives more environmentally friendly than ours? Join us for a walk through the ancient neighborhood beneath the Museum to find out and, discover the objects that ancient Greeks used every day!




International Museum Day is here again!

On Wednesday, 18th May 2022, we are celebrating at the Acropolis Museum and we are waiting you from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening with free admission! Come to the Museum’s third floor, to the Parthenon Gallery and see the most famous sculptures in the world up close, or at least most of them. You see, some pieces are elsewhere … Discover the adventures of these sculptures, by getting the new family trail "The Parthenon Sculptures. 6 short stories of separation" from the Information Desk on the Museum’s ground floor.


Strange creatures appear at the Acropolis Museum

Strange creatures are lurking in the Acropolis Museum, creatures of the earth, the sea and air, all created a long time ago in the imagination of the ancient Greeks! The Museum’s archaeologists know exactly where to find them and are inviting you to the Museum to join forces in a game of discovery. Come to the Museum with your family and get all the information and materials to create your own strange creatures at home! We’d be so pleased if you share them on the acropolismuseum kids Gallery!



We are celebrating! International Museum Day 2021 at the Acropolis Museum

Great news! The Museum is finally open and on Tuesday May 18th - International Museum Day - we are celebrating and we have prepared a special treat for you! Watch the digital application "Virtual tour of the Acropolis Museum", a 360ᵒ video especially designed to give you the feeling that you are touring the Museum on the spot! Go to the Museum’s website: If however you are visiting Greece and you are nearby, come with your family and tour the Museum’s exhibition from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on this special day for free. You can also visit the ruins of an ancient neighborhood at the Museum’s lower level and our archaeologists will answer every question you might have about the ancient site.


Our friendly Museum visitors are slowly arriving!

As the first sunny warm days appear in Athens, our old familiar friends also appear in the Museum’s grassy forecourt.  Yes, our loveable tortoises! At their own slow stable pace, they wander around the Museum grounds, unbothered. They seem to be clear on where they are going and with their gentle persistence they make it there! If you need convincing of how successful the tortoises’ determination makes them, you just need to ask the Hare from Aesop’s fable ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’! That silly hare thought that the slow walking tortoise was easy to beat! Well, the tortoise showed him! For the ancient Greeks the tortoise was precious! They believed that the little animal warded off evil, and that its stable persistence represented a symbol of strength. That’s why the tortoise’s image is seen in the Museum decorating some of the ancient objects.  Now according to our sources, (Greek myths), the tortoise was once a young woman called Heloni.  She was cursed to carry a shell on her back with her four legs, as punishment for her rude behavior to the famous god Zeus and his wife Hera.