We're celebrating! International Museum Day 2023

As every year on International Museum Day on May the 18, the Acropolis Museum will be more than pleased to welcome you this day in its exhibition areas, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Entrance is free! Come and celebrate with us this special day when museum are honored for their contribution to modern society. There is a surprise waiting for you on the Museum’s second floor. The KID’S CORNER of the Acropolis Museum, this special area we have prepared for you, is now available! Enjoy yourselves by playing digital games and watching videos that vividly present ancient myths and fascinating stories, after you tour in the Museum or in between! We do hope you’ll make the most of it! And for more fun and an adventurous tour of the Museum, don't forget to pick up for free exploration trails from the Museum’s Information Desk. There are four to choose from! If you're looking for an even bigger challenge, find the Museum’s exhibits that take you to the workplaces of the ancient Athenians with the help of the Museum’s new booklet "The Ancient Professions at the Acropolis Museum" for kids! Available for purchase at the Museum Shops.




Breaking news! Goblins in the Acropolis Museum.

Goblins are about to invade the Acropolis Museum! Reliable sources report that they are planning to spill into the Museum’s galleries and together with various other mischievous creatures of antiquity, such as the Satyrs and Pan, get up to all sorts of mischief. We’ve heard their first naughty task is to mix up the exhibition labels and, as a result, totally confuse the Museum’s visitors! The Museum’s archaeologists are in panic! How about coming to the Museum and help us get rid of these troublemakers or at least clear up the chaos they are going to create? You’ll have powerful assistance - the Medusa, the mythical creature with a terrifying appearance that the ancient Greeks believed can ward off evil. What do you say? If we combine forces, surely we can meet this challenge? Come to the Acropolis Museum’s new family activity "Goblin… mix up" from 28 December 2022 to 05 January 2023.



Strange creatures appear at the Acropolis Museum

Strange creatures are lurking in the Acropolis Museum, creatures of the earth, the sea and air, all created a long time ago in the imagination of the ancient Greeks! The Museum’s archaeologists know exactly where to find them and are inviting you to the Museum to join forces in a game of discovery. Come to the Museum with your family and get all the information and materials to create your own strange creatures at home! We’d be so pleased if you share them on the acropolismuseum kids Gallery!



Our friendly Museum visitors are slowly arriving!

As the first sunny warm days appear in Athens, our old familiar friends also appear in the Museum’s grassy forecourt.  Yes, our loveable tortoises! At their own slow stable pace, they wander around the Museum grounds, unbothered. They seem to be clear on where they are going and with their gentle persistence they make it there! If you need convincing of how successful the tortoises’ determination makes them, you just need to ask the Hare from Aesop’s fable ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’! That silly hare thought that the slow walking tortoise was easy to beat! Well, the tortoise showed him! For the ancient Greeks the tortoise was precious! They believed that the little animal warded off evil, and that its stable persistence represented a symbol of strength. That’s why the tortoise’s image is seen in the Museum decorating some of the ancient objects.  Now according to our sources, (Greek myths), the tortoise was once a young woman called Heloni.  She was cursed to carry a shell on her back with her four legs, as punishment for her rude behavior to the famous god Zeus and his wife Hera.


Α Kid’s Corner awaits you at the Acropolis Museum!

The Museum might be closed for now because of the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic but we have great news! When the Museum reopens its doors, there’s an exciting new space waiting for you if you are a kid aged 6 – 12! It’s a specially designed area - the brand new Kid’s Corner - on the Museum’s second floor that has been fitted out with computers with touch screens for digital game play, the LEGO® model of the Acropolis, a hologram of the Goddess Athena Parthenos’ statue and much more! Before the Museum’s closing, a group of young friends of the Museum came to test the space out. You can see them below in action!  Provided that you can visit the Acropolis Museum, don’t miss the Kid’s Corner! There, surrounded by the exhibits from the ancient Acropolis, you can become the hero Hercules in the Gigantomachy or a time traveler on a sacred mission and live historic moments with a (friendly) snake up on the Acropolis! But have no fear, all this is always under the watchful eye of our 3D Goddess Athena!